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Here are some answers to popular questions we’re regularly asked.

We ask for a minimum 12 month commitment. This allows us to plan staffing levels and resources appropriately to ensure we can provide our usual great speedy service.

No – all devices (servers, computers & network devices etc) must be on the same plan level.

Whilst you will see a reduction in problems, and an increase in overall speed, performance and reliability of your systems, we can’t guarantee that you won’t have any technical issues or downtime. We will however do our very best to minimize these, and get you up and running in the fastest amount of time.

Utopia Care will cover most network devices including printers and scanners. If the device is attached to the network and our monitoring software can either talk to the device, or the device can send alerts to our monitoring software, we can monitor these devices.

We can also include certain items like phones, and phone services under the agreement as well.

For specialist equipment we didn’t supply, but that is covered by a third party vendor we include our Vendor Management service on our Monitor and Maintain level agreements. Vendor Management allows us to deal direct with your third party suppliers for any issues or faults arising with these devices. We will handle the fault reporting, and oversee repairs and maintenance.

We’re familiar with a number of business applications across a range of industries. If we’re unable to resolve the issue ourselves, we include “Third Party Support” as standard in Utopia Care which means we can liaise with your business applications support staff directly to resolve issues, so you don’t have too!

As long as your business locations are within the Perth Metro Area, there’s no travel charges. For business locations outside of the Perth Metro Area, additional charges as well travel costs (air fare, accommodation, meals and hire car) may apply. These will be discussed as part of the initial creation of any agreement.

Servers are computers providing critical network services including domain & authentication, file & print, and remote access etc.

Workstations are the desktops and laptop devices you use daily to work on.

Network devices are equipment that is connected to your network. This includes items like routers, network switches, printers, mobile and desk phones, tablets, firewalls and power units.

In the event your “server” is just a desktop computer, one of our technicians will assess the computer and determine whether it will be classed as a workstation or a server.

Generally yes – to ensure you get the best experience and service, all business devices will need to the monitored and managed. Personal devices such as home computers, mobile phones and tablets do not have to be covered – however please be aware that support for these devices will be billed at standard rates.

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