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Troy Cowin

Owner / Principal Consultant

While Troy’s career started in Hungry Jacks, he knew from a young age that IT was his calling, not flipping burgers. IT runs in his blood after all, with his dad and brother also working in tech.

He was barely out of school before completing his Certificate III in Network Administration, Certificate III in Software Development, and a Certificate IV in Network Management.

From there, Troy landed an IT support officer role where he was responsible for day-to-day IT operations. He quickly worked his way up, and before long he was in a senior role overseeing the IT support for a number of oil and gas companies.

One of the perks of the job was going to Vietnam to assist with the IT operations for a global ship building company. Unfortunately for the IT company that employed Troy, it went bust. Fortunately for Troy, this event pushed his IT career into overdrive.

Working closely with a former colleague, Troy started his own business, offering IT support to a number of businesses.

Perth Systems was born!

At the heart of all Troy’s in-depth experience and knowledge is a strong desire to help other businesses grow. Troy gets the most satisfaction when he solves difficult IT problems for his clients, allowing them to run their business without any tech issues hindering their success.

Devin Jones

Support Technician

Bringing more than a decade’s worth of IT experience to Perth Systems, Devin has expert knowledge in both software and hardware, particularly Microsoft products and services.

Like Troy, Devin’s love of IT started when he was a teen, when he would teach himself computer programming for fun.

Devin made his love for programming official when he completed a Certificate IV in Programming, while continuing to hone his IT knowledge as a helpdesk support officer for both mining and civil construction companies.

Troubleshooting difficult IT issues and problem solving tough tech challenges is what gets Devin excited. He believes the more obscure the problem, the more fun there is to be had.