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Do Cyber Security threats keep you up at night?

Threats are changing almost daily, no longer is it as simple as ensuring you have an up-to-date antivirus product installed on your computer.

Rest easy with Perth Systems Security & Protection services. We apply a layered approach to security – just like an onion! – with many layers protecting your business against cyber threats.

You can find detailed information about our Security & Protection offerings in the links below:

The Utopia Managed Security Platform

Utopia SPAM Filtering and Utopia Web Filtering

Utopia Password Manager

Utopia Backup & 365 Protect 

Additional Security Measures:

These are just some of the security and protection solutions we can offer. We recommend all businesses should have our Utopia Care Support Package to ensure software and system updates are completed regularly, as well as ongoing monitoring and other system maintenance is performed.

Additional recommendations, such as ensuring multifactor authentication is enabled, password management, security policies and assist with other items like single sign on across common sites can also be discussed.

For more information about our Security & Protection Solutions book a call or use our contact form and we’ll be in touch!

The Utopia Managed Security Platform:

Our Managed Security Platform delivers a powerful suite of endpoint protection, detection and response capabilities – backed by a team of 24/7 threat hunters.

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Utopia SPAM filtering:

Starting at a common attack vector to your business – email – we implement our cloud based Utopia SPAM filtering product. Our SPAM filtering service cleans your email before it reaches your email account providing protection against virus & malware, phishing attempts, and blocking dangerous attachments.

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Utopia Web Filtering:

Our Advanced DNS filtering proactively protects your business against malicious advertising and the thousands of harmful websites created each day. Using AI and machine learning, our Utopia Web Filtering product is able to recognise and block malicious websites in real time, wherever your working – in the office or on the road.

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Utopia Password Manager:

One of the weakest security points for most businesses and networks is staff access. Weak and easy to guess passwords are the most common attack vector for cyber criminals.

Our Utopia Password Manager product is specifically aimed for small and medium businesses. Your account will have a central password vault which can be shared with your staff members. You can have different team sub folders with controlled access to ensure only the staff who need access can view certain passwords.

In addition to your company wide password vault, each user will also have their own password vault for any individual passwords. Plus as a bonus each team member will receive a free family plan for their own personal use at home.

Utopia Password Manager is cloud based, easy to use and works on every device and web browser.

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Utopia Backup Workstation / Server:

Data corruption, accidental deletion, equipment failure or security incidents are just a few of the reasons you need a solid backup strategy in place.

Too often in business we overlook the most important thing to our business – our data. Whether it be your quoting spreadsheet, your job photos, copies of invoices or photos of equipment, our business data is invaluable.

Whether your data is on a central server, a desktop or a laptop computer, our Utopia Backup product has you covered. Our automatic scheduled backups will run without you having to think about it.

Our Utopia Backup product provides a secure encrypted cloud based backup, ensuring your data is stored securely offsite.

Your data is stored in our secure Australian based data centres to ensure compliance with data storage sovereignty laws common in the Medical, Legal and Other Professional Service industries

Our Utopia Backup product can also integrate with our Utopia Backup SpeedVault device. This device provides an onsite repository which enables high speed recoveries to be completed without being limited by the speed of your internet connection.

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Utopia Backup 365 Protect:

Your business is constantly generating data that fuels your operations and growth. Protecting this data is essential.

Utopia Backup 365 Protect backs up your Microsoft Exchange (email, calendar, contacts) data every four hours, your OneDrive data every six hours and your SharePoint Libraries (including Microsoft Teams files/data) every six hours.

Your data is backed up securely to our Australian based data centre to ensure compliance with data storage sovereignty laws common in Medical, Legal and other professional services industries.

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