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We’ll take care of your IT Systems for you

Utopia Care was developed based on direct feedback from our customer base. Whilst our customers loved our great service and speedy support whenever they had problems, they were frustrated that IT issues caused headaches for their businesses in the first place.

What they wanted was to prevent issues occurring in the first place, and catch potential problems before they caused downtime.

We went away to put our thinking caps on, and voila Utopia Care was born.

What is Utopia Care?

Utopia Care is a service that provides monitoring, maintenance and proactive support for our customers IT systems. Our primary mission is to detect and crush problems before they’re noticed by staff or get a chance to become a bigger issue.

Fast and Reliable
Utopia Care ensures your IT Systems are fast, reliable and trouble free

You’ll experience faster performance, fewer glitches and practically zero downtime.

Proactive and Preventative
You’ll gain incredible peace of mind

We’ll proactively monitor your IT systems to watch for any potential problems, and take corrective actions before they cause downtime.

Friendly and Helpful
Feel like you have an in-house IT department – without the costs.

You’ll have access to our friendly and knowledgeable IT staff to help you solve problems, and assist with future planning and guidance.

Safety and Security
Safeguard your data and secure your business against cyber criminals.

Gain peace of mind knowing we’re proactively monitoring your IT systems, to detect and protect your data against cyber criminals.

So, if you want to make sure you never again have to face the stress of unexpected downtime, data loss, or interruptions in business, book a discovery call and we’ll be happy to help.

Still on the fence?

Are you still unsure about whether you’re ready for our game changing Utopia Care Service?

Do you need to have your IT Systems, Email, Business Applications and Internet access online and running 24/7?

Do you believe security is paramount and don’t ever want to lose your data or have it stolen?

Do you want to maximise the speed, availability and performance of your IT Systems?

Do you hate having to deal with computer issues?

Do you never have the time or staff to deal with pesky computer maintenance?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Utopia Care can assist you. If you still have questions – check out our FAQ, or get in touch so we can discuss how we can assist

Take the stress out of IT management

Harry didn’t believe in proactive maintenance. His network crashed and his staff lost hours of productivity. He then had to spend a fortune on data recovery. (Don’t be like Harry.)

Sarah didn’t have Utopia Care either. Her Systems kept glitching until she felt as though she’d rather throw her laptop out the window than get on another call to her current provider’s overseas call centre. (Don’t be like Sarah.)

Neil chose an expensive corporate IT company over us. Each month, thousands of dollars were taken from his business’s bank account with little to show for it. In fact, he was unsure what the faceless company even did. (Don’t be like Neil.)

Cynthia was highly stressed when hackers got into her GP clinic’s database and stole her confidential patient information. She should have come to us to ensure her IT systems were secure. (Don’t be like Cynthia.)

These metaphorical people have made costly mistakes so you don’t have to.

Want to see how we can wave our wand, solve your IT issues, and keep your network running like it should? Book a call to see how we can help.


For the right advice, book a call with our friendly team to find out how we can help.